TeaReview: Twinnings Blueberry &Apple flavour




So this week, I made a video on youtube (https://youtu.be/hoAagv3PlqA) and i said i was going to make a review of the tea flavour i was taking.

So the flavour of the tea is Blue Berry, and the brand name is Twinnings. I started consuming twinings brand of tea late last year and i have been trying out different varieties of flavour.

I love twinings tea for the fact that it is not caffeinated, so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep, if you are the type that is sensitive to caffeine.

It is also made with all natural ingredients.

I used to think all flavours of twinnings brand are actually nice but it turns out,i was hella wrong. Which is why i decided to start reviewing tea flavours.

So, twinnings blue berry flavour has the following ingredients and Nutritional information

Each teabag comes in a cotton muslin(as with all teabags)

It has an exquisitely fresh smell with the aroma of blueberry having more precedence than the apple’s.

The tea bag infuses quite quickly to give a light blood red colour depending on how long the tea bag seeps in the water.

It ought to be categorised as fruity but it doesn’t have that upbeat fruity flavour that other fruity flavours have.

If you are the type that loves sweet teas, then i don’t think this flavour is for you because It has a tinge of sourness to it, which i feel is because of the Apple.

I would give it a 3.5 out of 5.

That’s the end of the review y’all.

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