Ungrateful Muslims




Assalamu Alaykum

I remember on one of my internal philosophical expeditions(don’t be scared simply means I was thinking to myself) I said to myself “I wish i was a revert”. What must have prompted that?

1. Suhaib Webb recounts of how after becoming a muslim he had to attend an Islamic University to study Islam for 18years
2. Ali Dawah became Muslim in 2008, yet, he became known as “Ali Da’awah”
3. I remember coming across Abdurraheem Green’s dawah expeditions on YouTube while I was growing up
4. Hamza Tzortzis became a muslim in 2002.
5. Ingrid Matsson became Muslim in 1998(not sure)

Are you getting my point or do i need to expound more on why I still had that thought?
We knew about Islam long before these people did.

Yet, they have made remarkable achievements and have far more to bring to the table than we as born muslims.

All of these people that I have mentioned recount of how much islam changed their lives. Which is why they cherish it so much, but for us born Muslims, we hardly notice that which us exactly why I made that statement.

We do not know what it is like to watch your close one die from a drug overdose, or a misbehaviour under the influence of alcohol or what it is like to go bankrupt because you finished your money on gambling.

These are all experiences that reverts have faced and much more, experiences that we as born muslims have been saved from, will ye then not be grateful?