Faith and Doubt 2(+ note om Rasulullah (SAW)





Assalamu Alaykum

First written on the 1st of Nov. 2020


Edited: 3rd November 2020.

This week’s post will be divided into two:

1. Continuation of the Faith and doubt series

2. Sharing resources with regards the ongoing verbal onslaught  of muslims by the President of France.

Last week, I started a series on Faith and doubt(based on an online free tutoring service by the Sapience inst.)

This week we started discussing how to combat doubts and we touched upon 3 out of the 10 strategies i shared last week:

1. Be Aware

2. Pay no Attention

3. Make the distinction


Note: these 3 strategies are for before the doubts latch into the heart.


Before we proceed, I would like to define Doubts as the instructor defined it for us:

Doubts he said: are falsehoods that undermine the fundamentals of Islam or distorts the religion in any way.

So this clarification is very important as these 3 strategies are for before your doubts become actual doubts(which is that it latches unto your heart and sucks your imaan)

1. Be aware: Be aware that these doubts do exist. Do not be too confident in the strength of your imaan to the point that the doubt comes at you without you knowing.

Know also that every single person is susceptible to these kinds of thoughts. So be aware and do not take it lightly.

This automatically takes us to the second point which is to;

2. Pay no attention: Ignore! Ignore!! Ignore!!! If you are not well equipped at the moment to tackle the doubts that you have then, IGNORE IT. Ignoring here is an active kind in the sense that you have to take major steps in ensuring you don’t get sucked in.

Like making decisions on social media platforms.

I personally have had to prevent YouTube from recommending certain channel’s videos to me because they were controversial channels. So you too can do that if you are not well equipped to satisfactorily answer the questions they evoke.


Like the instructor gave an example with Christian missionary channels that try to say that because the Qur’an has 7 modes of recitation, it means there are different types of it or something. So if you are not equipped or have enough knowledge on that, then by all means, IGNORE!


Ignoring does not mean that the claims are strong, it is just that our hearts are weak; They can easily be swayed by falsehood.

3. Make the distinction: Here there are 3 things we need to consider, remember these are all BEFORE THE DOUBTS ACTUALLY LATCH INTO YOUR HEART.

The distinction that needs to be made here is between actual doubts(like we defined above), valid questions and whisperings.

I. Whisperings these are thoughts you don’t believe and have a psychological aversion towards it. Do not act or talk about them


Ii. Valid Questions: these are questions that you may have about a certain aspect of the deen that you need clarification on. Now the differnce between this and actual doubt is that when you have an actual doubt it means, you have a problem with the foundation of Islam, but with valid questions there are questions you have due to lack of sufficient knowledge(which is an epistemic limitation of every human)

And Allah knows best.

2nd part of this post:

I will be sharing resources that I feel we all need to read and also watch so as to educate ourselves and better understand our beloved Prophet(SAW) and also the origin of the hostility towards muslims in France.


1. Watch a documentary about how muslims came to be in France.



2. Watch a  video made by the Sapience Institue about the Truthfulness of Rasulullah(SAW):

3. Read a post by Yaqeen Institue on Islam and Violence


4. Read another article by Yaqeen on the character of our Prophet (SAW) is:


I genuinely hope you get to read and watch all of these in light of all that is going on.


Wa’alaykumus salam warahmatullahi wa barakatuh and please don’t forget to pray for my friend, Abubakar Abdulrahman, may his soul continue to rest in peace.