An invite to the church?


Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh


I hope you are all doing well in shaa Allah.


Few weeks back I followed a conversation on twitter abiut a muslim lady complaining over being approached by Christians “to give her life to christ”.


Although I have never experienced this from any of my Christian friends I would like to assume it is something that maybe happens often?


To divert a little, I am the kind of person that often shares any good thing I come across with the people around me. This is often in form of knowledge that I come across or somehing beneficial.


I would assume this also is a human nature to share good things that you come across with people.

Isn’t this then the logic behind Christians wanting muslims to come to the church with them? To supposedly “give your life to christ.”


If really the Christians assume they are calling us to good, Shouldn’t our attitude be to tell them why going to the church won’t be a convenient thing for a muslim? Something like how Islamically, the situation in the church where there are both men and women intermingling isn’t really a good spot for one to be in. Go further, to even ask ulama about the permissibility of going to the church, if at all there is.


And then, you can further use this opportunity to talk about your individual beliefs get to understand each other more. I for one just realised recently that the Towrah(the book revealed to Musa AS) is supposedly part of the old testament of the Bible.


There is so much we don’t know about one another, you would be surprised by the number of Christians that have no idea how important Jesus AS is to us muslims. His name being mentioned about 25times in the Qur’an. Mary (AS), mother of Jesus having a whole chapter in the Qur’an about her.


There is a lot we have in common that we can start from as the Qur’an gives us a guide into how to converse with them:



I find it quite appalling that we as muslims(especially in Northern Nigeria) aren’t open to having conversations with other non muslims, especially Christians about their religion and ours too.


There is so much we don’t know about one another. Merely having a conversation does not mean you are accepting of one’s creed, all you are doing is simply being tolerant and understanding of other people’s religion; which ofcourse you expect to be extended to you.


Wa’alaykumus salam warahmatullahi wa barakatuh may the soul of my friend, Abubakar Abdulrahman continue to rest in peace. Ameen.