April Review!

In all of the months of 2022 thus far, no month has been as emotionally tasking as April has been.

I had atleast 5 mental breakdowns, each conveniently occurring at the end of each week.

As much as there were bad days. There were also good days. One of the good days was me receiving an award for being an outstanding team member in the Mental Health publicity team I am a part of.

I was also able to finally organise an orientation for a local committee I set up for our Medical School association.

I finally started writing a book of personal essays i hope to publish soon. And I also finally started off on making my sales copy designs for my copywriting portfolio.

April was also the month of Ramadan. And I had quite a wonderful Ramadan despite the setbacks. I started so many cool courses in April too. Courses on web design made possible by Ingressive for good, data science and the WHO e-quality rights training.

I also got a hypnotherapy training that’d help me with my bad eating habits for a really low price. Just two days in and I have started making changes!

Whew! Here i was thinking April was a ghost town. Turns out there have been a lot of positive.

The first takeaway from this month is mostly centred around how hard communication is but I discuss further on communication in my upcoming book.

The second takeaway has to be about how mental health services in Nigeria are not really proactive. And this is coming from someone that has access to so many mental health resources.

Things I learnt about myself? I became more aware of just how much of a highly sensitive person I am. I also became aware of my ability to notice patterns.

The theme for May hopefully will be Somatic Processing. And I will be focusing again on financial aspect of my life alongside Spiritual and physical aspects!

May we successfully reach the month of May and May(pun intended) it be nice!