Why A Mental Health Diagnosis is Important

You go around your life thinking there is something wrong with you

perhaps you feel there is something different about you or in the way you perceive things or react to things

or in the way you easily get angry or the kind of thoughts you have or perhaps you even experience a lot of physical sensations like palpitations, shallow breathing or even have a hard time sleeping

or you not handling pain as effectively as others or even you put in so much effort in the things you do yet you don’t get the desired result because you are unable to articulate yourself

or you wake up on some days unable to get out of bed with emotions that are deep enough to sink the titanic

then one day you go to a psychologist and he/she gives you a diagnosis. A name for what you have been experiencing.

An Identity you can hold accountable

You come back home and you google and absorb every information about said diagnosis and everything about your life begins to make sense.


finally the missing puzzle has been found

The relieve that there is a name for all that you have been through. That it wasn’t all in your head. And even the voice telling you there is nothing wrong with you has been put to shame because here it says there really is

I believe a mental condition diagnoses is very important as a form of validation

it is as if someone finally sees your struggle with yourself and has given it a name

without a diagnoses and having to battle with your mind almost everyday it feels as if you are fighting invisible demons

imagine fighting John Cena(i really hope you guys get this joke)

but that is really how it is without a diagnoses


you know there is something but you just cannot wrap your head around it

for me just having a label for it helped tremendously even in moments when I had no support but at least I knew this was what was going on

that whatever it is that is in front of me I am seeing it through a distorted lens of mental conditions

and that for me is truly truly powerful.

So why is a mental illness diagnoses important?


For Validation.


May is the month for Mental Health Awareness. I have decided to dedicate the whole month to posting about Anxiety(starting next week).


in case of an emergency please reach out to this Tollfree mental health service offered by SWW counsellors 08008002000


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