Anxiety Series: Panic Attack

Years back, I was watching Grownish on TV when a scene fortunately came upon me where the Lead Actress’ breathing seized while she was in a pool of her college mates at Uni.

Interestingly, no one noticed.

In my young mind I just thought she was having an asthma attack

After all each time a person’s breath seized had to be asthma right?

if I remember correctly she had finished taking a disturbing call when she suddenly couldn’t breathe and had to sit by the wall of her school’s building to regain her balance.

In her words, “I am having a panic attack”

Those few words that made up a sentence would go on to give a name to yet another demon that I had invisibly been struggling with

Panic attack?

There is a name for that?

Wait, it isn’t even normal for your breathing to just seize while in the middle of a stressful and highly uncertain situation?

All this was shocking to me

new info

I remember vividly how many times I have had a panick attack at home, school or even In situations I’d rather not be in

You could be going about your day and suddenly the very act you could swear you are skilled in: breathing, would fail you right at that time

You try to inhale but it is as if someone on the other side (who isn’t your crush) is trying to take the breath away

For that moment, that feels like hours to you, it is actually seconds.

For that moment that feels like you were dying, you were very much well alive

that is the reality of a panick attack.


Although having a panick attack once does not constitute you having a Panic Disorder as having other types of anxiety could trigger a panic attack.


but you still might want to consider seeing a doc if you experience this frequently

I just hope you are lucky enough that when it happens it is with a person that understands and soothes you mindfully.

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