A Dive into my Diagnosis of Generalised Anxiety Disorder

“You have GAD” he said.

GAD was my first diagnoses.

After I had presented with insomnia

I knew I had anxiety

But at that time I was not aware that anxiety had types and that GAD was one of the types of anxiety

GAD according to Johns Hopkins

“is a condition of excessive worry about everyday issues and situations”

and often times it hardly just stops at worrying

it manifests physically too

GAD is different from other anxiety in the way that it encompasses everything and every situation

you could be about to go out and you would suddenly start having thoughts of something bad happening

like an accident or even the most unlikely things

unlike other types of anxiety like social anxiety that could be situational

everyday issues as simple as a disagreement with a person can elicit uncomfortable physical sensations

a person with GAD hardly has a break from their minds

which is one of the reasons why we are prone to being depressed.

Because our minds run on and on and on until it finally wears us down

it can even affect your ability to concentrate

and often times people just say to us “stop worrying”

as if we have not told ourselves this severally

A tip for interacting with a person with GAD? Try and listen to them go through their thoughts

and when they are done, you could decide to give them a hug too(if you can or are allowed to)

You could try to bring them to focus on the present moment

To focus on the safety that they currently enjoy

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and that brings us to the end of our Anxiety Series. than you to all those that have read thus far.

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