Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week: 10 things I wish Men Would know

It is men’s mental health awareness week. I got to know about it recently so I compiled 10 things I wish men would be more aware of(posts on loneliness will continue next week)

1. Repressed Emotions show up in other ways: Sometimes it may actually come up in you eating a lot of sugar or even food to compensate for the emotions you are repressing. It could also be your incessant need to distract yourself with one thing or the other that isn’t healthy(or supportive of the kind of person you want to be). Or even the incessant need to keep yourself busy or active.

2. Rugged Rationalism can also be a trauma response: in the words of Bessel van de Kolk, a Neuropsychologist, in his book “the body keeps the score”:

“Emotion is not opposed to reason: our emotions assign value to experiences and thus are the foundation of reason. Our self experience is the product of the balance between our rational and our emotional brains. When these two systems are in balance we feel more like ourselves. However when our survival is at stake, these systems can function independently”

3. Asking for help does not make you weak

4. Men that go to therapy(and are also into healing work) are hella attractive.

5. It is okay to be a man and be sensitive

6. Invest in more authentic, vulnerable and meaningful friendships(with your men folk)

7. Vulnerability is not weakness

8. Your presence matters in the lives of your female relatives

9. Being angry is you being emotional

10. Be kind, have self compassion and empathy

Hope you have a great life!

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