An Introduction into the Theory That Changed my Life: Attachment Theory

In the year 2020, a young lady had gotten tired of her usual pattern of falling too deeply in love each time she did.

She knew there wasn’t exactly anything special about the guy she was currently in love with. And despite her knowing they both could not be together. It still did not stop her from being hopelessly in love with him.

She had told him how she felt and he had rejected her. But more than being bothered about being rejected she was more so bothered about her still having strong feelings for someone she barely knew.

If this was the first time it happened. Then perhaps she would have termed it a first time thing and it would have been less scary.

But it wasn’t. She had felt the same way about a guy in 2018. For which it took her almost 2years to get over.

“Is this really what love is?” She wondered to herself? But she knew it wasn’t. Love is not and was not supposed to be this unrelenting, Persistent, And unyielding to some reason.

She was the perfect representation of a lover who couldn’t sleep because her lover was no where near her.

On one of these nights where she could not sleep. She knew this was not normal. This loving that she felt. There had to be a name.

Surely someone must have thought of this as a sort of disorder and named it

And it was as if the universe had heard her that night. She went off on YouTube and she came across an advert about the one thing that impacts relationships the woman, who she would come to know as Thais Gibson, said “Attachment theory.”

She further went on to watch a video on YouTube channel by charisma on command

For which she learnt the following:

Attachment theory is a theory that describes the pattern that we often exhibit in our intimate relationships.

The theory further went on to describe how researchers had discovered 4 relationship pattern and it was right where that video talked about Anxious Preoccupied that the lady knew she had finally found her answers.

And so her obsession with Attachment theory began.

Hello readers, In the subsequent week I will be writing about Attachment Theory. And hopefully also have an Instagram live on this.

If there was any one theory in psychology I wish everybody knew about. For me it would definitely be Attachment theory.

An awareness of this very theory i can almost say has literally saved my life. And it continues to do so.

So be sure to keep your minds open for this.