Personal Reflections on Shame

“Shame is the warm feeling that washes over us; making us feel small,flawed and never good enough”

-Brene Brown

I was in an online Zoom meeting about a month back when someone mentioned about how the feelings of shame is one of the leading feelings that makes people attempt or even commit suicide.

I am not sure how true that is. But I was not surprised. It was the first time I became aware of that yes. But I was not surprised.


For I know exactly how treacherous shame can be. How it washes over your soul and suddenly makes your sunny day into night.

I know shame so very well I can smell it for a million miles away. You could be having a perfectly good day but then you remember something in your past for which your brain forces you to feel shame over.

Most times it isn’t even really anything big

As Brene Brown differentiates guilt and shame as sometimes they tend to intertwine:

Shame means at the core of yourself  who you are is a bad person

While guilt attributes the mistake as the bad thing that you did

I recently also became aware of intense shame as one of the symptoms of a depressive episode


So it makes sense then to actually see how shame could push one I to committing suicide.

In view of how much this emotion has enormous power on us is why I have decided to write about shame this month(I may write it for just 2weeks or more)

Come with me as we explore this highly treacherous emotion in hope that we may find healing in accepting ourselves as the highly flawed human beings we are.


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